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Site Survey Boundaries - Inscribe a figure inside one with rounded dimensions

We routinely create site boundaries from a surveyor's DWG file. The drawing itself dimensions all the chords of a site boundary in metres to two decimal places. However, the closed figure is rarely drawn to those numbers: they're simply dimensioned with rounding.


This introduces a huge problem from the start. For example, when building setbacks are simple offsets from the boundary, any and all the fractions of millimetres ste up a building footprint show up immediately. The footprint os dimensioned to corner points of the boundary and a structural grid established inside it.


I've redrawn site boundaries manually to arrive at a set of vectors drawn to 2 decimal places using circles at the corners etc.


I'd like to make a grasshopper script that would create a figure from a polyline that does all this evaluation and outputs a mesh or a morph where the sides are actually as dimensioned on the original survey. 


I assume this is possible, but am not familiar enough with the Grasshopper toolkit. If anyone has pointers as to how to visualize the problem and start building this, I'd be most appreciative.


I guess if I can figure this out, it'd be better to create a Python script to create the boundary lines and just run it inside Archicad.

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