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project from 24 to 25


Hi everyone,


Usually i keep the rule of keeping the project in the version i started it with but we we have this project at the beginning stages done with 24 but i think it would be good to have it in 25.


We have 2 files in v24 , 1 for modules and a main file where all the modules come together.


What could go wrong if i open de 24 file with version 25 and save it as 25 version ?


Could copy paste from the v24 to a new file v25 be a better solution ?


Also what is your experience so far with 25 ? still a lot of bugs or after 6 months is it already a stable version ?


thanks in advance 

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Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lmcardoso

What I can say is that you should always have host and module files in a same version, so if you are updating to 25, make sure everything is updated. Opening 24 file in version 25 is much better option than copy/pasting.
Graphisoft developed a guide for template upgrade from one version to another, there are good advices in what to pay attention when you are shifting to a new version, usually we list all differences and things to consider for features that are changed or upgraded:`

(If you are on subscription, contact your Graphisoft representative to get access to this document).

Regarding stability, Archicad 25 has update 2 which contains some bug fixes but also couple of new features, but pay attention because update 2 version is also not backward compatible. You can find all details here:

I am sure other community members will share their experience with upgrading. 

Good luck!

Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

There is also the whole Archicad 25 Migration Guide which will detail all the things you need to consider when migrating projects to Archicad 25 from earlier versions:

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