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Sketch up kitchen model to archicad


New to this.  I prefer to build kitchens for rendering in sketch up then I'd like to import and put into my residential model in archicad before rendering the lot in another program.  Can this be done?

Barry Kelly

You should be able to 'merge' a .SKP file into an Archicad file.

File menu > Interoperability > Merge I think it is (I have custom menus so I am not 100% sure).



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I know this is a little off topic and I know that you've been using sketchup, but importing this into any BIM solution and then having to re-model and document is very inefficient. I have found that the cabinets tool in CI tools or the Graphisoft library cabinets and favourites we can quickly create kitchens and other complex joinery very quickly whether for sketch / presentation or documentation


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Eduardo Rolon

This does not make sense.

All standalone Rendering programs can import from multiple files so there is no need to import into AC to render. Exporting from AC and from SU and importing into rendering program X has worked since the early 1990's as long as you coordinate the origin (coordinate 0,0,0) in both SU and AC.

OTOH if you are using AC as a renderer then yes you can import the SU file to render there but @Scott Boyd Turner indicates this is not an efficient workflow even if you don't use CI tools,

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another Moderator

Thanks for this I was wondering if this were a possibility too and efficient way - I will be using felix render.

I have built a couple a kitchens with ci tools and found it frustrating to design detailed kitchens, with curved cabinetry etc.  It is something I'll have to learn further down the line though.  

This is merely for the purposes of rendering so I want to create something quickly.