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Slab and wall not contiguous


Hello folks,

I have a problem with the 3D (Archicad 25)! In only one floor of the building, there is a space between the slab and the wall where it shouldn't be.

I placed the slab in line with the first floor level with 265mm of thickness, as per attached screenshot. The wall is linked to the first floor having the height "first floor level-265mm". While on the other floors the walls and slabs are contiguous, in this particular floor they are detached. 

The empty space between wall and slab is 35mm.1.gif2.gif3.gif4.gif

Any idea?




David Maudlin


The screen shot of the slab shows that it is part of an SEO (Solid Element Operation). Has the bottom of the slab been cut? It is also possible that there is another element on a hidden layer with a stronger Building Material Intersection Priority that is cutting either wall or slab.


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Rajesh Patil

How about the slab, is it in composite building material or simple single? If composite then aligned with top finish skin or core skin? Send slab parameters too like wall. 

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Perfect! There where hidden layer which were creating that problem. Thanks!

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