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Template Migration AC21

Team -

Good morning. Need some peer advice on the best way to rebuild my ArchiCAD template. Been using the same one that i bought from Eric Bobrow back in AC13 and migrating it forward with each new version. Starting to rebuild it from scratch with the commercial base template from AC21. Need to clean out all of the miscellaneous stuff that has come along the way. Going to rework everything (fills, building materials, surfaces, etc.) using the base AC21 so the files are clean. Bringing over what I can from the layout book, layers and combinations from my long used template.

The big question is how do I migrate the Model Views from the Organizer to the new template file? This will be A LOT of work to start from scratch. Advice?

Thank you -

Chad Conrad, AIA
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Barry Kelly
Unfortunately the views in the View Map will have to be re-created.
There is no way to transfer them from one file to another.

Except via "Save As" which defeats the purpose of starting from a new clean template.

Maybe if you have a new template with all the attributes you want, and an old file that has the views you want you could try "Save As" with the view file and delete ALL of the attributes as well as the favourites, MVO settings, Graphic Overrides, Renovation Filters, etc., so you have as clean a file as you can get with just the views you want.
Then import all of those settings from the template you are working on.

Personally I would just recreate the views.
Make sure you also update your layout pages if you have pre-placed those views on the layouts.

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Erwin Edel
While overhauling things, consider what you really need from those views.

Clone folders are handy to setup all floor plans, elevations etc in one go.

We have the following folder setup:
* 5 design stages each with their own floor plan, section and elevation clones
* details
* schedules
* structural
* legends
* project settings (these are worksheets we use for title blocks on our masters)
* recycle bin (we move finished design stages here to save clutter)

If I would re-create this, I would setup one of the design stages folders and then copy that 4 more times and just adjust the clones individually.

This shouldn't take that much time.

With layouts I'd also re-create one stage, copy that and re-link the views.
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