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Updating Intersection Group Bug

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I'm still running 14 so I don't know if this affects later versions but this one is really annoying for me and I'm going to catch heck for it later.

Anyways, I have one layer that should have had a different intersection group number though out EVERY saved view I have. And I have hundreds. Anyways, I never noticed it until today when I couldn't get a beam to cut right. That's when I found out the oversight. But then it hit me that I was going to have to go into every view and change that number and update the view individually. So I buckled down and went to task and did it.

Not that long ago I just got done and my boss is already asking what have I got done today and I'm having to kind of placate him over this that AC can't change this setting on-mass.

Well, I go back reopen my section and viola, it's reverted back.


I made the mistake of not checking the first time to see if the number was saving with the view update. So upon more investigation it turns out I'm going to have to resave each view with the updated intersection group number.

Anyways, that's the bug. I wasn't able to update the views with a new group intersection number. The views have to be resaved instead. Maybe there's a reason it won't update but I can't see one so I'm calling it a bug.

Can someone else see if it's the same of them or not. If so I can send in the bug report if needed.
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Just to clarify - you are changing the Intersection Priority and updating your Layer Combinations, aren't you? That should sort the views out.
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry so I did both and really freaked out my co-workers.

But seriously I never understood that feature and didn't realize that layer combos held that attribute. I don't know why I didn't get it as it's so obvious now but I've always missed it. That would have saved me the work I just got done doing because as it turns out what I ultimately wanted to do was have every layer combo with that intersection number.

So thanks for pointing that out to this appreciative sack of goo.

However, the bug still stands as previous saved views can't be updated to accept new intersection numbers and instead have to be recreated manually. What I mean is you can also store that intersection number via saved views instead of saving it in the layer combos. That's the way I had been doing it, which worked, but was obviously the wrong way to do it for the task I was using it for.

But thanks again.
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