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WHY Archicad does not smooth curves


Hello guys!
It is my first post in this precious forum. I am starting to use Archicad after many years of Revit. And I'm a bit panicked 🙂 For example, using the Morph tool, I found that the program, drawing a cylinder, creates a surface divided 36 times, therefore polygonal! I saw that if I have to fillet a corner of a solid, you can choose the number of segmentations, that's a good thing, but the cylinder remains segmented ...
Tell me it's not true, tell me it's just my mistake, it's not possible that in 2021 such expensive software still has this problem.


for sure!

no matter what program you use, a circle is just triangles. at some point a circle is always segmented. whether you can see it or not.

The real question is why is it so important to you, that might help generate an answer that is what you are looking for.

Hello Seneca!

I dont want to see the 36 segment-faceted circular column in my 3d or planar views 😞







So then you want more resolution.  

its interesting because im using v24 and no matter what view i look at i dont see segmentation.  using the column tool.

maybe share your 3d view settings.




Wow! Then I install version 24? :))
In my case, I can only change the display settings if I am in a 3d window, if instead I am in a section or in an elevation I cannot ... How to do it?
In a 3D window, if instead of "vector engine" I insert "hardware acceleration", the circular wall improves a lot, while the 36-sided circular column always remains. In the elevation views, nothing changes: the curves are always faceted, but I can't even change the graphic display, switching for example to all white etc .....

3dview settings.JPG3dview settings_vector.JPGElevation settings_acc hardware.JPGElevation settings_vector.JPG

you will always see the segmentation with vectorial engine. if you use the open gl then you wont have issues. 2.png

are you using a mac?  that should have been my first question.


No mac, windows 10 pro on a HP Z4... 

Ok, in the 3D Window these settings work: when I put OpenGL the curves are more nuanced and soft, you always see the segments, but very little. If I put the vector motor they come back to see themselves very flashy (like in my previous images).
Instead I can't change the situation in Elevations and Sections 😞

hmm can you share a screen shot of the elevation or section?

even if i show a wood column with timber variation i dont get extra lines. jus the outer lines you expect to see.



Hello Seneca! See my previous post wit 4 images (2 axonometric and 2 elevations)...