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How to cut an opening in a vertical ribbed wall panel


I have a wall with vertical corrugated ribs as you might see in a shipping container. The one in the image is created from the Steel Deck object turned up on end. I wanted to use the Opening tool to cut a hole for the door, but it will not cut an object. I want the ribbed wall to be all one piece rather than broken parts. What options would work to build the vertical ribbed panel and allow me to cut a hole?



Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 3.55.40 PM.png

Todd Oeftger
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Dear @4hotshoes,


I can give you some advice. Create a parallelepiped from the morph with the height and length of your doorway, make the width greater than the wall thickness for a clear result, then place the morph under the door coordinates and do the following: Design -> Solid Element Operations... (select surface to be cut as target and morph as operator) -> Execute
As a result, you should cut an area the size of the morph. Hide the morph under an invisible layer.


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You may want to use a Wall as your Operator.  You will probably find it easier to control the exact opening you need than a morph.  Also, don't forget to assign a useful layer intersect number to the Operator.     

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There is an object by one of the other guys on this forum who creates objects and videos in German. Cannot remember his name at the moment... Hmooslechner. Anyway, the object arrays a custom profile along a wall with openings automatically cut into it matching any windows or doors.




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I think this is the object you are referring to by @Hmooslechner


I think the link to the object is in the YouTube video description.


I am not sure if that is the latest one.



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Paul King

The very simplest option I can suggest is just to use the CI Tools library - wall covering tool, which allows ribbed profile claddings to walls and roofs, and respects openings.

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Ci is a lot of money, I also have a wall covering that does this except it's free.

Free? Where is it? Can you share?

Todd Oeftger
AC27 Mac MacBook Pro 15", 2019, 2.3 GHz i9, 32GB, Radeon Pro 560X 4GB, 500GB SSD, 32" Samsung Display (2560x1440)

I lied it didnt have custom profiles.

but i added them this morning for board on batton and lapsiding.

the object does not have a user interface, so you will have to mess with some things.

you can open the object to alter code to your needs as well.

i do use my coverings for all my projects. so i know they work. one is for framing and sheetrock, the other is for siding.

Ill try to make a video this week for how to use but no promises.