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Warning- Some Stairs have become invalid

Brad Elliott

When I go to publish any document I get a pop up warning that :

As a result of the last operation, some stairs have become invalid, will be shown with a color highlight and I can use the built-in "Invalid Stairs" criteria set to find it.

Except none of that works, there is no highlighting and search comes up blank. This house only has 3 stairs which are all correct. So the warning window is now just annoying, incorrect, and constant. How do I get this corrected without having to redo all my stairs which would be even more annoying?


As an aside, does anyone else find themselves coming here far less often since the great rebranding?

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That is an interesting problem.  It seems to me that step one is to investigate why the program thinks there is a problem, which you no doubt have already done.  It would be interesting to know all of the specific "problems" that the program is able to report as an "Invalid Stair", that way there would be a kind at least some sort of diagnostics checklist. 


As for the aside...I don't think it is an improvement for the users.  I think some of the changes are mechanisms being used in what will eventually facilitate an integration of this forum with a Social Credit Score.  That's how skeptical/paranoid I am about everything in the digital world these days. 

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Thomas Holm

I get that invalid stair error message too, and can’t find an explanation. AC24. 
As for the aside, I find the new forum harder to navigate because of fewer and less obvious main compartments. Otherwise it works, methinks. 

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Karl Frost

I had a similar issue a long ago - IIRC it was due to having a part-height stair in a module that was linked to the story above but the story settings in the project where the module was placed meant that the stair effectively had a negative height. I got that message about the highlight / using the search criteria but as the stair was part of a module and inverted it would not show.
If you are using modules I would check if they have any stairs defined in them and see if they/the story settings can be fixed to avoid this clash.

First time for me in the new Community so I won't judge... yet.

Barry Kelly

I am sure you have investigated these stairs thoroughly.

But as you only have 3 stairs, I would delete one at a time and re-publish, to see if you can figure out which one is causing the issue.

Of course don't save or better still work on a copy of the file so it doesn't matter if you destroy it in the process.


I am wondering if you still get the message when all 3 stairs have been deleted and you just can't see the fourth because it is invalid.




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