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What "Activate reference" does???

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I am now using AC11 and i found out that the old tool "show ghost story" is replaced with the command "trace reference"
On the menu of the "trace reference" is command "Activate Reference"! What is this command purpose? I can't understand and no documentation!
Karl Ottenstein
You're right. This doesn't seem to be in the help or the pdf!

It makes the reference be the active view for editing.

I've never used it - since the 'switch reference with active' has been more useful for me.

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at least on the walls of the reference story it changed the option of the view from "own story" to "all stories"!
But is completely useless because if you edit on the reference it is also edited on the own story!!!
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
For me the difference between the two commands is the following:

Activate Reference will switch to that Viewpoint which is currently the source of the Trace Reference. The Reference setting will be the same IF it applies and makes sense. So for example, if it is set to show the Floor Above, then it will now show the Floor Above the activated Viewpoint.
For example: Ground Floor is active and Floor Above (First Floor) is set to be the Trace Reference. If you activate the Reference, then now First Floor will be the active, and Second Floor will be shown as Trace Reference in it.
If the current Reference Setting has no meaning in the Activated Viewpoint then it will show now Reference.
For example: The South Elevation is shown as Trace Reference under the Ground Floor Plan. If you use the Activate Reference command, the program will switch to the South Elevation Viewpoint and no Reference will be shown.

Switch Reference with Active will switch to that Viewpoint which is currently the source of the Trace Reference AND will show the currently active Viewpoint as a Trace Reference in that Viewpoint. So basically the roles of Active Viewpoint and Reference Viewpoint are swapped.
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