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Winder Stair


Hello everybody !!!

The biggest problem for me in Archicad (since version 21) is modeling a winder stairs. In the AC 18  it was easy, but in the last versions AC I unfortunately fail to model such stairs as in AC 18 and often I get the message like: "creating stairs in current parameters is impossible" however in version AC 18 it was possible (please, look at attached picture). According to our lokal standards, in the winder stairs, the depth of the step 0.25 m (in walking line) should be provided at a distance of not more than 0.4 m from the handrail of the internal balustrade, and winder steps should not come together in single point, only there should be a minimum distance between them, at least 3 cm for comfort. I usually need a staircase with a minimum distance between the flights of the stairs (about 0,5 cm, to save a space in the house). If I choose winder type : "Two Points method", or "Auxiliary Walking line method" or "Principal Lines method" and start model the winder stair with this parameters, I get the message like: "creating stairs in current parameters is impossible".

I have to confess that winder stair  in AC since version 21, works not good.

Because in AC 18 I modeled winder stair in 5 minutes, in AC 25 I have to spend more than half day and sometimes no result.

I would like to ask, if it is possible to model  winder stair with my parameters like in the AC18 version??? Please, look at attached 1st picture.  


Winder Stairs.jpg

Below is winder stair in AC18

Version 18.png

Below is winder  stair in 3D what  I want to model 

Winder Stairs 1.jpg

Patrick M

this is my take on the stair tool: it works really, REALLY, great when "good enough" is your target. You can probably get it to do almost anything that doesn't require it to turn over itself (ie circular stairs with more than 360º of rotation in the walking path). BUT! All caps on that "but"; the amount of time you spend trying to get the stair to be exactly what you need, especially with turned or winder transitions or in detailed exposed stringers, or with specific nosing requirements, is absurd. I use the stair for very basic configurations or schematic design, and when I need something more detailed, I use model primitives; mostly relying on roofs, slabs, morphs, beams and columns. You can save as an object, generate custom plan symbols for home story/above/below home story etc., with little to no GDL scripting. A very simple stair like the one you have has eaten up days of my time trying to get the closing tread depth right (6" min, and 10" at 12" from edge; per US IRC codes); where as that stair built from slabs and a morph would take me about 15 min, including custom plan symbols in the final GDL object.

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2

Maybe it could be a some solution or another option - I can just paste stairs from AC18,  BUT!!!!  it just doesn't make sense, because Archicad has a "Stairs" tool and it means that this tool doesn't work completely and we have to create stairs as a gsm object.