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World coordinates into local coordinates


I am writing regarding one function that seems to be missing from the ArchiCAD software. There are a few countries, like Ireland, which use their coordinate system. In Ireland’s case, it’s called ITM.

Many of our consultants are still working in 2D, so they set up their ITM coordinates in AutoCAD. As we work in ArchiCAD, many times, we have to export our Site Layout Plan in dwg and overlap it in AutoCAD over the survey which is in the ITM coordinates. This is how we place our Site Layout Plan into ITM.


Is there a way to set up the ITM coordinates directly in ArchiCAD, so when we export dwgs these will be directly in the proper system? They expect when they open the dwg in Autocad everything to be set in the ITM.


Operating system used: Windows


Hello @roxana_g,


If ITM coordinates are X,Y,Z coordinates you have to place the localisation point at the ITM origin and modify the dwg export parameter about it.



Capture d’écran 2024-06-17 à 14.02.39.png

Sorry about the french interface. I do not find the right link on Graphisoft website.


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I think this a huge gap in Archicad's interoperability space. Any Northing and Easting you might add to the Survey Point translates in an IFC, but not in a 2D DWG. There are still too many consultants working in that space to ignore this.

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