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creating a 2 storey house plan. I saved the file and when i wanted to continue i couldn't find the s


I don't understand. I was creating a two storey floor plan. I saved my progress and when i wanted to continue i couldn't find the saved file in the homepage so i browsed for it where i saved it and when it's saying can't read file plan


Check you are opening it with the same version of Archicad.  Can't Read Plan File is the warning when trying to open a pln in an older version that the file is was created.   Ie you can't open a PLN saved in AC26 in anything earlier than AC26.

Sometimes the default version to open a PLN from file explorer is set to open in an earlier version.

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Am using Archicad 26. It's ArchiCad 26 that i used to design the 2 storey building but after saving my progress i used the same ArchiCad 26 to open it but it's saying can't read file plan 

Are you saving to a local drive or to a cloud based storage system or network?


if you launch Archicad first and then go to File, Open, select the file you are trying to open and then make sure the option to Open and Repair is checked in the open file dialogue window to see if this opens the file. 

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@Justme66308519 You may find this official article about saving to a synced drive of interest...

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