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hotel on a terrain

big chungus


im working on a hotel that is supposed to be on a terrain/ hill (of some sort) and dont quite know how to establish the hotel ON the terrain, idk how to search it on the internet to get more info about it.

This is my first project that requires a uneven surface (im used to flat surfaces) and idk the principles or the standards to building it.

Can someone help and direct me to the correct path?`

Whats the most creative and practical way of building it?

any tips 


The first question is if you have topographic data.

Karl Ottenstein

There are all kinds of posts / tips available in this Community if you search for 'site mesh' or 'site terrain' (etc) - and on blogs linked from here.   For example, Eric Bobrow has this video that might give you a good start:


Also Jared Banks video (and further links) here:


including this image-mapping post:


and this article about applying a image from Google Earth/Maps /etc to a site:


and some links/tips from James Murray here:


Hope that helps!


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with what platform do i open those files?

 and thank u for the help

thank u so much

Well I usually have topo information from a surveyor, or I use cadearth and import the terrain into autocad from Google Earth and then create my mesh.


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