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shaft through multiple stories

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So, I have created a big housing project with multiple blocks and about 10 stories tall. Now its time to move over to the next phase and produce work drawings. I need to place a lot of shafts; elevator, pipe, ventilation and so on.
Since there are no shaft tool in Archicad I have gone through every single story and made a cut. After a whole day doing this I now have to move, delete, make bigger, smaller openings according to the contractors specification. They are sure to be edited on a later stage. Why on earth is this so time consuming in Archicad?? In Revit you do this once, specify from fex. 1st floor to 10th floor, but in Archicad I have to go through every single floor, or have i missed something? Same with stairs, copy/paste for every single floor. In Revit- stair from 1st floor to 10th floor...
Eduardo Rolon
Quick options that are different from Revit's workflow.

1. For the holes one option is to create a slab the size of the hole, use it as an SEO and place it in a hidden layer. Benefits is that it is faster, if you change the slab perimeter and it will update if you change its shape. Problems are that the hole will not be shown in floor plan.

2. For the Stairs you can copy them in the 3D window using Array (CTRL+U) and the elevate option. The limit is that you will need to verify the stair's setting for it to be shown in the correct plan.

Another workflow for a project with multiple floors that are the same is to use modules. The option goes like (which Revit has also if I am not mistaken):

1. Floor 2 to 10 are the same for basic structural elements, some walls ore spaces might be different.

2. In 2nd floor select what needs to be the same in all floors.

3. Use File-> External Content -> Save Selection as Module. Do not substitute the current selection as a Module

4. Place the Module in all floors

5. If something changes you edit the second floor, resave it as a module and update.

Alternative you can keep the module in a separate file (floors 2 to 10) are all modules and just edit the external file.

Hope this helps as this is as close as I can think you can "duplicate" Revit's workflow.
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