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Feedback on the restructure

Although the new sub forums improves the overall structure its not enough for a good forum experience. I think the majority of active users primarily are interested in the forum part of the community and it should thus be put front and center. My landing page still looks like below which makes it evident that a lot of earlier feedback regarding user experience must have been disregarded - or is it the platform interface setting a hard limit? 



Some points:

  • The new forum overview is hidden away under the dropdown item. It should replace or integrate with the hot topics at the landing page.  
  • It is not possible to quickly navigate between different sub forums. It should not be done through a dropdown and a new page.
  • There is no information about the topic of the latest posts in the overview. 
  • It is not possible to get a list of all new posts (I will still have to use the unread bookmark to effectively keep track of the activity).
  • From the overview it is not possible to mark new posts as read. 
  • User activity (posts/replies) are hidden away under user profile.
  • Search and filter is still quite detached from the forum, limited and cumbersome to use.

It is frustrating to see GS struggle this hard just to get a well functioning, effective and user-friendly forum in place - especially as there are many out of the box solutions available. I understand the approach with the integrating everything under one platform but is it worth it if Khoros can't be set up better than this?

For reference. Below is an example of what an user-friendly (and quite common) forum interface looks like.





I do hate the thread arrangement and I can't seem to find an option that doesn't have issues whichever way it is organised. I am fairly sure important posts are being missed because they become buried in the notifications by other posts from the same person in the same thread. The old post order method worked, and it was easy enough to quote a post if you needed to back reference an earlier conversation. 

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