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Help Those Help You - Add a Signature



Hi All,


Some issues you may post about on this forum are Archicad version specific. This includes regional variations in the base program as well as any attached libraries. Other issues may be operating system specific.


So, to help all those who may help you, please add a Signature to your profile containing your Archicad Version and Operating System. Some general computer specifications if you know them can also sometimes be helpful. You can find information about your copy of Archicad via in program help menu.




Below is mine as an example. It shows the versions of AC that I am using, AC22 and AC23, as well as my regional version, AUS, and last program update, 7000. Following that it states that I am running Windows 10 as well as some basic computer specs.




In order to add / edit a signature click on your Profile Icon in the top right and go to My Settings.




On the Personal Information Tab you will find the text box highlighted in red where you can insert your signature. This box can be stretched out via the bottom right corner of it.




As a suggestion, use the font color and font size flags to make your signature less obtrusive.


<font color="#868686"><font size="-1">
[Instert Signature Here]





AC22-23 AUS 7000Help Those Help You - Add a Signature
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Win11 | i9 10850K | 64GB | RX6600 Win10 | R5 2600 | 16GB | GTX1660

Hi. Where could we find signatures formatting sintax (other then copying form example above)?

since ArchiCAD 4 now 26 on
MacPro 5,1 xeon 6x3,33GHz 24GB ram, powered by macOS 11.7.8
MBP 16" 2019 i9 8x2,33GHz 16GB ram, powered by macOS 11.7.8

There are some online sources where you can see side by side the formatted text and its HTML counterpart, like this:

On the other hand we (the Community team) might put together some examples  available on the site if there is a need.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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