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Archicad + Rhino GH live connection for Multi-unit development


With all the hype of Rhino GH + Archicad live connection, I have succumbed to trying it out.

I have a focus on multi-unit residential design (terraces, townhouses, no more than 3-storeys) I would like to know if anyone here has practically applied the RGH + Archicad live connection for this type of work.

Specifically in the following areas:

Site area calculation for yield and providing several bulk configurations

Geometry optimisation for bulk + location studies

Fenestration/window placement and sizes for daylighting, privacy, view shafts, etc.

I am a newbie at this part of Archicad, so please be kind, as I am unsure if it can be done in the first place. It would be a dream if it could, though, as I am still manually doing this with fills and zones.

Or if you would like to direct me to the best places to learn this, that would be awesome, too!

Thanks in advance!


Do you check Grasshopper-Archicad Live connection User Guide

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