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Parametric design
About Rhino & Grasshopper and PARAM-O.

How to make Param-o Blocks appear in the materials list

Rafael Grossl

I would like to know how to make each block of the param-o object appear in the material list, not just the object in general, I want to make a cutting plan, or list of materials for MDF, I work with carpentry.


Instead of the object in general appearing, the blocks that are inside the PARAM-O appear.



You have to make a scheme with surfaces.

Surface list.png


The unfortunate thing about param-o is that each block can only have one material. If you want to calculate area of a slab, you have to create a param-o object with a different material on one side. (possible by using "difference" between two blocks with different materials.


Param-o setup for a block with wood on only one surface.

Param-o setup.png

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