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Grasshopper Connection - New version 4023 and palette issues

Mario Sacco

I worked until now with AC 24 and the ACGH connection without problems.


Today I tested the new version of the Connection.


I'm working on M1 Max Silicon with this settings:

System macOS Monterey 12.2.1

Archicad 26 4019 INT

Grasshopper Connection 4023 1.1 

Rhinoceros 7.25.


I'm working with my new objects created in AC connected with GH, with new parameters for creating panels.  


I found these Issues:

  1. The objects are correctly updated in AC from GH. The plugin seams to work sending back in GH the dimensions of each single objects created in AC, probably to see a preview in Rhinoceros. This process increase enormously the time to make the definition not available in GH. I turned off the preview in GH and set the "Archicad Element Preview" on "Simple"; the time to wait seams less but always huge. I really don't need any preview on Rhinoceros of my AC model; therefore I think it's a loose of time send back information to Rhino of the model created in AC; it's auspicabile to have a further option "Off"  in "Archicad Element Preview" over "Simple" and "Detailed; I don't know if it's possible to avoid any process to send back in Rhino graphic information of the model. This behavior lock the possibility to stop the plugin; it was instead available in the previous plugin version. This sending back information that lock the possibility to continue to work in GH is very strange, considering that the model is generated in AC and available for editing.  
  2. There's no more a bar to understand if there is some ongoing process in the connection; on large project it seams there are some moment the process is ended, but it's not; there is a first update in AC then a second update in GH, probably to returned back geometry (simple or Advanced) created in AC. A bar o other method to understand if the plug in is still working is welcome. 
  3. It seams that if I update the objects in AC created from GH, for example using MVO (my objects are created also using MVO), the plugin detects a change in the objects and sends informations to GH. I mean simple changes, not saving new objects. This behavior weren't in the previous versions I used in AC 24. I think this behavior is not welcome, because the objects don't create any changes in the GH Definition. I suppose this behavior is connected to the first point where I suppose AC send to Rhino information of the dimensions of the objects to see a preview on it.

I hope, there is someone available to discuss on these issues.


Mario (ArchiRADAR)


Schermata 2022-11-17 alle 18.28.52.jpg

MacBook M1 Max 64GB- OS X 12.2.1 - Archicad 27
Mario Sacco

I made a deep test, both on simple objects and columns (AC 26, GH Plugin 4023).

  1. After I created objects or columns (from GH to AC)  if I changes something in AC it seams AC send back information to GH. It happens if I change also for example MVO setting. This behavior takes a lot of time if you have many  elements. The time seams increase not linearly. This sending information to Rhino happen also if I make a simple click on the 3d window; during the clicking, in rhino the preview is turned off, the AC components in GH are temporary disable (it doesn't happen in the old version), but each time there is an interruption in AC if I have many objects. It means that I must turn off the connection. In the old version this sending back information of the geometry is always present but is much more faster. 
  2. If a change e parameter (ex. surface) of the object not managed by GH, the definition in GH starts a new loop updating the object to the default setting (it doesn't happen in the old version).  I really don't need to see a preview in Rhinoceros; therefore it's auspicabile have an option to turn off this sending back of the geometry, simple or advanced. 

If I compare the speed of generating model comparing AC 26 & GH 4023, with AC 24 & GH 6010, the second one is 10 time or more faster. I will came back to AC24 until I understand the reasons of these behaviors. 


Could it depend on the fact AC26 and the new plugin are not suitable for working fine with M1 Silicon and Rosetta?


I hope to test as soon as possible the GH plug in for Silicon.


The image attached is made in AC 24; I can work without problems on a large amount of objects and columns. As you can see, I can modify the objects also with the connection turned on.

Schermata 2022-11-19 alle 12.05.07.jpg


MacBook M1 Max 64GB- OS X 12.2.1 - Archicad 27
Mario Sacco

I made some test in AC26 Silicon 4024 with GH Connection 4024. (last version available)

The issue seam to stay always there.


Archicad send back informations of the geometry to Grasshopper each time  I change the MVO.

This happens also if in GH the AC objects component are turned on "Preview off" .


I think this beahaviour is due to have a preview in Rhino-GH of the AC geometry. 

On large quantities of elements this "sending back" informations create a huge delay.

In the general use of the Connection the designers doesn't need a preview in Rhino-GH; but a quick regeneration in AC.


I think a solution could be add an extra option in the Rhino-GH Archicad Palette with "no preview", further the already existing options "Detail" and "Simple".


The potentiality of the connection is huge.

I hope to have a these issues solved.


Schermata 2023-01-02 alle 09.38.55.jpg

MacBook M1 Max 64GB- OS X 12.2.1 - Archicad 27
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