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Grasshopper Live Connection to create driveway from Mesh geometry and spline

Josh Verran

I've been playing around with Grasshopper and the Live Connection.

I've been trying to come up with a solution for modeling complex (or multi-curved) driveways.

Have got close, but missing the required skills and knowledge to finish it off.

Not sure if anyone has any solutions.


I had a couple of ideas but can't get either to the finish line.

One was to draw the complex mesh (site) in Archicad (AC)

In AC using the spline tool draw a path that would represent the center of the driveway.

In Grasshopper (GH) extract the mesh settings.

In AC draw a fill or poly that would represent in the driveway in plan.

In GH extrat the settings of the fill or poly.

Have GH create a morph using points from mesh, but boundary of poly/fill.

Move up (Z).

Ran in to problems where once the morph's boundary is changed the heights of the outer nodes are not as desired.

Also had numerous AC crashes when connecting nodes to morph.

Had an idea that could create a grid of points on the new morph and have those new grid points get there Z value from closest point on mesh, but after what felt like 100 attempts with crashes at each step I stopper.


The other idea I had which would probably be more elegant if could get it to work.

Get the mesh settings as described above.

Use a spline to draw a line representing the centre of the drive.

Use GH to create offset curves from the centreline (with numeric slider).

Divide curves in to segments.

Project points to mesh.

Raise points.

Create curve from points (might be doubling up here somewhere).

Create curved shell using the two curves.


There's probably another 20 ways of achieving the same thing.

I'd love to keep testing and developing, but as mentioned before getting a crash on AC after each step, so think I need to get some guidance first.


Thank for any help guys.



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