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Parametric design
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Param-O Value of a variable in range


Hello Community!
I am looking for a way to lock the value of a parameter in range without going into GDL code (in Param-O). I would be grateful if someone could share the solution to this problem,
Best regards,
Rafał Rucki.

Marc H

Hi Rafal,

You can see if the Min node between your Dim (or a Length) node and your shape size fits your needs. Variable ‘B’ will be a Length node set with your maximum value and set to false (visibility).  
(Note: This will still allow an excess value to display in the Dim or editable Length dialog box.)

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Best avoid using GDL as typing VALUES "A" RANGE [ 1.5, 6.5]  is far too complex to learn and takes ages to set up. 🙄

Sorry for the sarcasm but Param-O is the most pointless tool GS have ever generated.

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