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Hello Community!I am looking for a way to lock the value of a parameter in range without going into GDL code (in Param-O). I would be grateful if someone could share the solution to this problem,Best regards,Rafał Rucki.
Hello,I would like to ask if there is a function in gdl to check if hotlink in which the object is located has been mirrored. To be more specific I am using wall labels in modules. Without this function, hotlinks are almost useless.Best regards,Rafał...
Hello, Lately I was trying to differ my Windows in 2d Script depending on opening side ("Left", "Right"). Script is used in GeneralWindowUnit (module). I found suitable parameter - ac_OpeningSide. This is a string value eigher "L" or "R", so I tried:...
Hello! I have a problem with parameter that I need in Lists. I am trying to receive light width in window. I thought I may use 2d script and do some math in it: ac_wallhole_width - gs_frame_width - gs_frame_width_left = light_width. However this ligh...
Hi, I was trying to use request for zone relations for my door stamp, however variable that I need does not work. I paste here two relevant lines. [AC22] Thank you in advance! qqq = request ("Zone_relations", "", asd1, asd2, asd3, asd4) text2 0,0,asd...