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AC plan file not opening/corrupted


I am periodically getting AC project files that are corrupted and will refuse to open anymore. This never used to happen and I am wondering if it is just me or is this a thing now with AC??

I now regulary make seperate backup plan saves because of this issue.


Today a contractor has asked me to quickly send over a copy of the latest plans , and of course the project file will now not open and I have lost 5 days of work! (the last backup save), which  is infuriating. 5 days of work lost.


Is anyone else getting this issue? Is this new?


Operating system used: Windows

Barry Kelly

Are you saving them to a cloud storage folder by any chance?

Or to a folder that is synced to a cloud system?



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Hi Barry, thank you very much for responding. The folding on the PC onto which the files are stored has been set up previously to backup to Gdrive. When I back up I do it manually, the entire project folder to Gdrive.. However, these file corruptions are happening without any backup taking place.


And it is new, this never used to happen with files stored on this drive/folder. I would say it's started with AC 25 or 26.




I never had a corrupted file before. The only case I can remember was with a power failure that propably happened while Archicad was saving. 

Your case feels like there is something wrong with the saving location, or any antivirus, or access rights. 

My project folder is always a local folder on an M.2 SSD drive which is also cloud backed up in real time.  Is there any possibility that you drive is faulty...??


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