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Angular Unit Issue


Hello, I am a student working on designing a site plan using the Standard New Zealand Energy (NZE) framework. Our assignment requires us to use "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds" as our Angular Unit. I am aware of the procedure to change the Angular Unit by going to 'Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units' and selecting 'Degrees, Minutes, Seconds' as the Angle Unit.


However, I am facing an issue where I have already made the change and clicked on 'Ok', but my line still appears in 'Decimal Points' rather than DMS. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in identifying and resolving this issue. Thank you for your time.

Barry Kelly

'Calculation Units' only affect what you see in the schedules.


You also have 'Dimensions' that affect how dimensions are displayed.

The dimensions are saved in 'schemes' or 'combinations', so make sure you update those (store as) to update them.

The idea of the schemes for dimensions, is you can swap them at any time and even save different views of you plans with different dimension units.


And also 'Working Units' which will affect what you see when working in Archicad.


Either or both of those may be what you need to change as well.



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