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Attribute Manager

The Attribute Manager (Options menu) is a handy tool to create and manage the Company-standards in your Archicad projects.
Its commands allow you to copy (append, overwrite) attributes (Layers, Layer Combinations, Pens & Colors, Line Types, Fill Types, Composite Structures, Materials, Zone Categories, and Cities) between two opened files.
Furthermore, you can clean up your Archicad projects by deleting unused attributes. It makes sense when importing e.g. DWG/DXF files or GDL objects from the Internet, where in often unused Layers, Lines, Fill Types, and Materials can be found. The unnecessary attributes make the project heavier and slow down the work. Find below some guidelines on how to work effectively with the Attribute Manager.

Save the attributes of your project

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 11.38.33.png
  1. Go to Options > Element Attributes > AttributeManager You can see the attributes of the current project on the left side and the right side is empty.
  2. Choose the appropriate Tab page or click on the All tab if you want to save all the attributes in your file.
  3. Click on the Select All button and Append >> or Overwrite >> now you can see all the selected attributes on the right side.
  4. Click on the Save as… button to save the attributes it will get the *.xml extension. Click OK to close this dialog.

Transferring attributes into a file

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 11.36.49.png
  1. Open an Archicad file with the default settings: Choose File menu > New… > Create a New Project
  2. A new ‘Untitled’ project opens up.
  3. The predefined attributes will be overwritten by the Archicad default settings.
  4. Go to Options > Attribute Manager and choose Open… on the right side of the window, and find the appropriate *.xml file.
  5. Click on the appropriate tab page or the All tab, and choose the Select All… and the << Overwrite buttons. After clicking on the Apply button you can get a list confirming the changes in which attributes were created, modified, or deleted.
  6. Merge your file from the File menu > Merge…

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