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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Project data & BIM

Read articles about BIM-based management of attributes, schedules, templates, favorites, hotlinks, projects in general, quality assurance, etc.


Improved Project Management

Continuing our focus on enhancing project manageability, Archicad 27 includes highly requested additions to the attribute management workflow. This update helps increase the efficiency of design teams, by letting more attributes be organized using a ...

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Hotlinked Modules

ARCHICAD provides two basic methods for sharing/dividing BIM project data among a team of architects: Teamwork method for sharing projects, Hotlink method for dividing complex projects into smaller parts. These two methods are most effectively used i...

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How to transfer Attributes in ARCHICAD

ARCHICAD allows us to transfer attributes between projects. For that you need to use the Attribute Manager’s Import function. You can import the attributes from .pln and .pla files or .tpl and .xml files, and still .aat file format is supported in or...

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How to optimize a project's file size

Although a project's performance is the most important, sometimes the large size of a file can be a problem. This article helps you learn what data is stored in a file and how to achieve a balanced BIM project that does not occupy more storage space ...

Creating an Operation Profile

Operation Profiles is an ArchiCAD attribute that can be assigned to a Thermal Block. Each profile is associated with a daily schedule that includes required internal temperature range, human heat gain, hot water needs and humidity loads. Follow the s...

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Attribute Management of Hotlinks

General Attribute management concepts When hot linking a Module file into another file, the necessary, but not all attributes (layers, line types, complex profiles, etc...) of the source file will be appended to the attributes of the host file. This ...


Tips to Keep Your Projects Tidy

The more Attributes are collected in a Project, the more difficult it becomes to work with. Lots of Layers, unused Fills, Line types can slow your work down as you might spend too much time selecting attributes you want to use from their lists. Some ...

How to clean up Attributes in Archicad?

Line and Fill Normalization Several Archicad features involve the creation of “exploded” elements. Model-based Details, Worksheets and Drawing Sections create 2D elements (lines, fills) out of the model construction elements. Also, imported DWG drawi...

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Intersections in Layer Combinations Add-On

In ARCHICAD 8 and subsequent versions, intersection cleanup is linked to the Intersection Group Numbers assigned to layers. Elements which belong to layers having the same Intersection Group Number will intersect, regardless of layer visibility. Elem...

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RAL Color System Add-On

RAL Colour Standards are developed and controlled by the German Institute of Quality Assurance and Trademark Control. The 194 classical shades (RAL 840-HR) and the RAL Design System with its 1688 colors are both well known in a number of industries, ...

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Attribute Manager

The Attribute Manager (Options menu) is a handy tool to create and manage the Company-standards in your Archicad projects. Its commands allow you to copy (append, overwrite) attributes (Layers, Layer Combinations, Pens & Colors, Line Types, Fill Type...

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mtron Graphisoft

Replace Attributes by File: Automate Attribute Migration

If you are migrating multiple similar project files to Archicad 17 , the Replace Attributes by File function can help you speed up the migration process: it automates the Delete and Replace attributes function, instead of you having to issue repetiti...

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Layer Extras

Updating Views and Layer Combinations via the Context Menu – by Link Ellis, Worldwide Consultant "If I am working along in a view and decided that I want to turn a couple layers off so I click and hide them through right click, or through the palette...

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Building a Pen Chart with SQL

"(...) I'm imagining a utility object that will automatically build a pen chart in the floor plan window with a user defined array of squares and accompanying text label for each pen. It would be a great help when introducing new coworkers to our pen...

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