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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Project data & BIM

Read articles about BIM-based management of attributes, schedules, templates, favorites, hotlinks, projects in general, quality assurance, etc.


Occupancy Design Validation with Expressions

A new feature of ARCHICAD 22 helps to turn the raw data into meaningful and valuable information. The expression-based properties process model data with functions and operators to produce new information which was not available directly in ARCHICAD....

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Scheduling Formwork Quantities

Archicad has two great features which can greatly help contractors with listing formwork quantities more precisely than ever – and faster too First we will dedicate a Surface to represent formwork materials, then list the surface areas. This has been...

screen-shot-2016-03-21-at-15-58-56.png screen-shot-2016-03-21-at-16-14-06.png screen-shot-2016-03-21-at-16-16-19.png screen-shot-2016-03-21-at-16-18-07.png

Element Previews in Schedules

From ARCHICAD 20 on the Interactive Schedule includes fields for graphic previews (2D and/or 3D) of any construction element ‐ not just Library Parts. The preview, a simplified thumbnail, is helpful in describing construction typologies within the pr...

wp-content_uploads_ac20_help_NewFeatures.03.13.1.png wp-content_uploads_ac20_help_03_2_Views_Virtual_Building.08.124.3.png
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Expression-based properties FAQ

Expression-based properties have been introduced as one of the main new features in ARCHICAD 22 to help designers in creating data-rich building models. Expressions process existing model data with functions and operators to create new information. F...

Zone Areas and Volumes

Zone area and volume calculations may seem to be tricky sometimes when you can’t track which areas are calculated exactly and how. In the following I will try to clarify the differences between the area types and why they may or may not show up when ...

zav01.png zav02-1.png zav03.png zav04.png

Accurate Schedules and Quantity Takeoffs with Archicad

Archicad 25 introduces new properties for more accurate component Lists. You could schedule only the net value of component areas and component volumes in earlier versions: the holes were always subtracted. As of AC25, new "gross" and "conditional" a...

wp-content_uploads_2021_05_Untitled-480p-210531.gif wp-content_uploads_2021_05_image-5.png wp-content_uploads_2021_05_image-6.png

Using Geometry Information as Scheduling Criteria

This is to follow up the post earlier on Multiple Area Units in Zone Stamps and take the next step after converting the area units – it is going to be a very short one As you have seen in that post, we converted the area to a different unit than the ...

uac01-1.png uac02.png uac03-1.png uac04.png

Schedules with Zero Values

Archicad Schedules can only list existing elements by default, but we can use a bit of a trick to go around this behaviour and list what is not really there as well. This is needed sometimes when the user wants to create a schematic section for examp...

z01.png z02.png z03.png z04.png

Scheduling Doors by Zone

ARCHICAD allows users to schedule their doors by zone. Please follow the steps below to learn how to setup a door schedule and how to change the zone a door belongs to. Create a Door Schedule In this example we will only be setting up a schedule that...

wp-content_uploads_2018_11_door_zone_shcedule_in_ARCHICAD1-300x164.png wp-content_uploads_2018_11_Navigator_Schedule_ARCHICAD.png wp-content_uploads_2018_11_new_schedule_ARCHICAD.png wp-content_uploads_2018_11_Door_schedule-1024x710.png

Element Previews do not work in Schedule Headlines

Affected versions: ARCHICAD 27and older | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 140886 Issue: If the first row(s) or column(s) of an Interactive Schedule display element previews (such as 2D Plan Preview, 2D Cross Section Preview, 3D Axonometry or a ...

EmokeCsikos_0-1717755411008.png EmokeCsikos_1-1717755482534.png

Scheduling Component Data of Complex Profile Structures

Interactive Schedules allow you to list the individual components of Composite and Complex Profile structures. When creating a new Interactive Schedule scheme, you can select whether the scheme should list information on Construction Elements, Compon...

wp-content_uploads_2011_10_01_new-schedule-1.png wp-content_uploads_2011_10_02_components-1024x701.png wp-content_uploads_2016_11_05_schedules.png wp-content_uploads_2016_11_06_all.png

How to list the Wall Surface

In ARCHICAD listing/scheduling the Wall Surface is not possible if the Zone's body was modified with a Solid Element Operation. Until the correction is implemented there is a possible workaround. Basic idea Instead of the Zone we will list a Morph, c...

wp-content_uploads_2016_10_02-1-1024x682.png wp-content_uploads_2016_10_03-1.png wp-content_uploads_2016_10_06b-1024x345.png wp-content_uploads_2016_10_08.png

Cost Calculation Using Interactive Schedules

In order to estimate the costs in a project please take the following steps. This example will calculate the individual and total costs of the four doors (two of which are identical) in the plan below. Step 1: Set Cost Values for Elements in the Proj...

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