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Project data & BIM

Read articles about BIM-based management of attributes, schedules, templates, favorites, hotlinks, projects in general, quality assurance, etc.


Migrating Classifications

There are a lot of cases – even if it is not entirely intentional when you migrate projects. This happens when content made in an earlier version of Archicad is opened in a newer version. These scenarios can include: simple copy-paste from your old p...

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How to optimize a project's file size

Although a project's performance is the most important, sometimes the large size of a file can be a problem. This article helps you learn what data is stored in a file and how to achieve a balanced BIM project that does not occupy more storage space ...

ARCHICAD Office Standards and Templates

This article is written by Eric Bobrow, Principal of Bobrow Consulting Group.Office standards set the graphic appearance and organization of documents produced by a firm. They also play a significant role in promoting consistency, efficiency and usab...

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