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Archicad FastLogger Files

What is the FastLogger folder? FastLogger is a folder created by Archicad and related tools, in which binary log files are written while the program is running, in order to help with troubleshooting. The size of the folder will be a maximum of 100 MB...

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Preferences Cleaning with Prep Steps

ARCHICAD saves ‘Preferences’ and ‘Work Environment’ files on your computer to ensure you find your own customized environment next time you start ARCHICAD. In rare cases these files can become corrupt, leading to issues within ARCHICAD. In such cases...

Exporting, Storing & Restoring Your Work Environment

Store & Export Your Work Environment If you ever uninstall ARCHICAD or apply another Work Environment Profile there is a chance you could lose your custom settings unless you have stored and exported them. Follow these steps to make sure you have cem...

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The most common alerts in Archicad

This article will try to summarize the most common error messages, and alerts to be able to help you to understand them better. Teamwork Send and Receive Error Messages Please find the collection of Teamwork alerts here: Teamwork/SendReceiveErrors Pe...

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