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EcoDesigner STAR

Table of Content AvailabilityFrom BIM (Building Information Model) to BEM (Building Energy Model) directlyEcoDesigner STAR workflowEvaluation for any climate or locationEcoDesigner STAR feature highlightsMultiple Thermal BlocksThermal Bridge simulati...

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How to prepare the BIM model for the Energy Evaluation

Archicad models have to be prepared to be able to run precise energy simulations in Energy Evaluation or in EcoDesigner Star. The more precise the model, the more precise the energy calculation you get. Geometry, Building Materials, and Priority Base...

Energy Evaluation

BIM-integrated Sustainable Design Archicad’s improved Energy Evaluation engine supports multiple thermal blocks. This allows users to evaluate their designs with standard-compliant technology and makes Archicad the “greenest” BIM solution available o...

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Adding Zones to a Thermal Block

Things to Remember Before Starting Zones are only visible in 3D if they are enabled in the Filter and Cut Elements in 3D dialogue box. It's a good idea to save a 3D view specifically for use with energy evaluation. This view should show all parts of ...

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Creating Thermal Blocks for Energy Evaluation

If you don't know yet how to prepare the BIM model for the Energy Evaluation, take a look at the checklist here. Before running an energy evaluation of your project file, Thermal Blocks must be created. All Thermal Blocks have an assigned Operation P...

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Creating an Operation Profile

Operation Profiles is an ArchiCAD attribute that can be assigned to a Thermal Block. Each profile is associated with a daily schedule that includes required internal temperature range, human heat gain, hot water needs and humidity loads. Follow the s...

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