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Creating an Operation Profile

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Operation Profiles is an ArchiCAD attribute that can be assigned to a Thermal Block. Each profile is associated with a daily schedule that includes required internal temperature range, human heat gain, hot water needs and humidity loads. Follow the steps below to create a new Operation Profile.

1. Go to Design > Energy Evaluation > Operation Profile or Options > Element Attributes > Operation Profiles.

2. In the Operations Profile dialogue box click New...


3.  In the New Operation Profile dialogue box, name the profile and click OK.


4. Assign the occupancy type.


5. Set values for human heat gain, service hot-water load and humidity load.


6. Click Edit Daily Schedules...


7. In the Daily Profile Editor dialogue box click New...


8. In the New Daily Profile dialogue box, name the profile and click OK.


9. Customize the internal temperature and heat gain settings and click OK.


10. Click OK to exit the Operation Profiles dialogue box.


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