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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Element Previews in Schedules


From ARCHICAD 20 on the Interactive Schedule includes fields for graphic previews (2D and/or 3D) of any construction element ‐ not just Library Parts. The preview, a simplified thumbnail, is helpful in describing construction typologies within the project. This means they were designed not to show the real elements, but show you the typology. 2D Plan, Cross Section and 3D Axonometric views are consistent, and can be automatic dimensioned.


Here are some known issues or limitations regarding Element Previews in Schedules:

  • Element previews are generic: they do not reflect all tool settings. E.g. the preview will not reflect the element height; the preview is used more to indicate element typology. For example, the preview will show structure and hatching. The default size is 1 by 1 m.
  • They are scaled to 1:50: that is, they are not based on the floor plan scale.
  • Element previews cannot be customized. This is because they are not stored anywhere; they are generated instantly.
  • Previews are based partly on hard-coded settings, and partly on variable settings. (For example, a change in pen set is reflected in the preview, but changing to a Core Only structure will not affect the preview.)
  • The wall orientation is always shown with its outside on the right.
  • The info tag, which appears when you hover over the previews, is not customizable either.

About the Annotation of the Previews you can read more here.

  • Unfortunately Associative labels cannot be applied here.
  • Dimension only the Core of walls doesn’t work here.

IS it me, or Archicad 25, that the Railing preview does not show in the IS? It worked nicely in 22, 23, 24...

... and I am not really happy to move the project to 26 only because of this, if it is a bug.

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