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Bim docs pen sets

Tom Krowka
Typically drawings are are completed w/ various colors pens and are translated to black and white to PDF via publisher settings. Any way to do the same thing with BIM docs. I can do it by creating a new layout I guess, but it's going to get confusing. Is there a simple way to do it in the BIM publishing command sequence. Am using Version 19.
Thanks Tom
Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26

Have you tried creating a custom pen set?
matt johnson
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Gerald Hoffman

If I am understanding you, just create a new Publisher Set and name it BIMx ( Project Name ) and you can select the Pen Set that you want to publish it with using black and white pen set. You can use the same layouts that you use for your other Publisher Sets.

I don't know why you wouldn't publish in colour these days but that is another discussion.

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Tom Krowka
Thanks will give it a try. Seems too easy. I thought that BIMx publisher set was somehow linked to the command for it and didn't want to manipulate it.
Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26

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