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Bring back "merge uniform items" in schedules


Up until Archicad 23 or 24 there was a box you could tick in schedules that said "merge Uniform items". It has now been replaced with the "merge items" box. This is really annoying because it merges all items that have the same data in the first row in the schedule.


For example:

When I'm working on a housing project with multiple apartments in it I used to be able to create a schedule that 1st showed how many 1/2/3/4 bedroom apartments there was. All of the 2 bedroom apartment was not the same size and the "merge Uniform items" box would recognize that the seven 50sqm apartments were NOT uniform to my fourteen 58sqm apartments and would create two separate lines within the headline of "2 bedroom apartments".


Now the "merge items" box merges everything together even if they are not identical. There needs to be a better way to decide what the user wants merged and what not to merge.



This will be due to the merge various items feature that was added in ac25. You will need to deactivate that setting on set the field that is merging various items. 

I’ve found after migrating older projects to 25 or 26 has unintentionally activated the merge various items setting on some fields in schedules unfortunately. 

more info here:

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Thank you, Scottjm!

You and that link explained it perfectly!

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