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Hello all,

Does any one know of anything special you have to do with Grids in a Hotlink Module to get them to work 100% correct in the Master File?

We are losing our dimensions to grids in our Master File on our hotlinked modules. (The remainder of the dimension string stays, only the end that should connect to the Grid disappears)

And now when I move the Grid in the Module file it does not want to update in the Master File.

We started with a stand alone Grid Module, which we could take into 2 separate apartment towers and into the master file where the 2 towers were assembled on top of the basement levels.

We could not get our dimensions to stay connected to the Grid Module this way so we eliminated the Grid Module and placed three separate grids - one in each of the towers and one in the Master File. This is obviously not ideal.

This new way worked fine. We could dimension what we needed back to the grids, and we could adjust grids, and when we updated the Master File the dimensions/adjustments would be there.

Now we come back after christmas break and no joy. All of the dimensions from last year are still linking to the grids, but any new dimensions we add, which are linked to grids give us the original problem. And if we adjust the grid location in the module file it will not update in the Mater File.

Please tell me we are missing a simple step somewhere, and not that there is some silly work around involving hotspots.............


Where are you dimensions: in the module or in the master? Are you talking about grids/dimensions in floor plan, other viewpoints or everywhere? The dimensions being lost are from grid to grid or from grid to other elements? There are so many variables here.

AFAIK, dimensions that are tied to a hotspot(object or element, not tool) might get lost when that hotspot changes (object/element is edited and hotspots are added/merged/removed, etc.)

Best regards.
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
AFAIR when a grid is created in the module file, there is an option to show it on all stories. This will apply when it is in the master file too, as long as the storey structure is the same. It doesn't however apply to the dimensions. The dimensions will only be on the storey they were on in the module file. You will need to dimension the grids individually on each story in the master file. Not ideal I know, especially when you have a high rise building.

Perhaps this is contributing to the issues you're experiencing?

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The dimensions are in the module file.
I am talking about grid/dimensions on the floor.
The dimensions being lost are from grids to slabs edges/corners.

The grid has been set to SHOW ALL STORIES.
The Storey structure IS NOT the same in the module file and master files.

We can't figure this out. Like I said it was working all ok before, and now its not.

I feel so dirty, we have had to resort to adding hotspots to each grid line to dimension too!!
So the plot thickens...

A screenshot would help a bit.

The dims stay put around your slabs edges/corners, only the part that connects to the grid disappears. I take for granted that you are dimensioning to the grid hotspot, right?

How are you placing the module in the master? You said you made a single grid and placed that to two buildings, and then in the master? My assumption would be -like I said and taking a long shot here-, due to the way dims get connected to objects/elements, reading info from the hotspot. If that gets duplicated by any chance, it might be causing your issues, as this is common with scripted objects.

Other than that, I see no reason as to why they might be getting lost. I remember only one time that this happened and it was due to file corruption (big file), where some dims started to just disappear. Found no solution but to add dims again... and wasn't grid related.

Try to find a way to have single instances of your grid elements and see if that solves the issues.

What Link said is correct about grid dimensions being only in one story; but since grids -once set- do not -or shouldn't- move that often, I don't dimension them with the dimension tool; I use the floating dimension object in the grid's home story; that way I can show the grid system's dimensions in all stories (it is an object) and if there's is a change in the grid, I just edit it one place and propagates to every other view.

Best regards.

I'm having the same issue. I got the L01 as my mod's origin and placed it above on L02. The L01 mod's layer combination does include the grid (layer turned on). The grid is set as "all stories). From the 3D I can tell that for some reason the grid was not exported with the mod. Is that a " software limitation" or did I miss a setting somewhere in the mod or in the grid? Theoretically, since you can see the grid on every level you don't need one at each storey except when you need to mod things and dimension once... 





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