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Design Options with overlapping zones

I'm working on a stock house plan that has a pantry with shelves off the kitchen with 2 options for either a spice kitchen or cabinet pantry. I need the zones to have these different names. Also, there is a void space in one corner that varies in size for each option, which will affect the size of each optional zone.


Will there be any issues with overlapping zones in various design options PRIOR to accepting and merging the chosen option? I'd like to know before I get too far in modeling this house.


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Barry Kelly

The zones in design options will not really be overlapping.

It is not like having multiple zones in multiple layers that all belong to the project.

Anything in a design option is not active until that design option is turned on.

And so long as both pantry options are in the same design set, you can only have one active at any time.

The other design options will be ignored.


Then as soon as you merge the design options into the main model to finalise your design, the other unselected ones will be deleted altogether - their zones along with them.


If you have the pantry options in different design sets, you could turn both options on at the same time.

And yes, then you will have overlapping zones.

As long as you don't merge both options into the main model, there should be no problems though.



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Marc H

I prefer to be positive, but I have experienced several issues with DOs. Most recently, they appear to be with the behavior of zones, especially manual types (which would presumably apply here).


Unless an imperative to use zones, I would prefer placing a full-size kitchen zone and utizing fills for the sub-areas (pantry spaces) until DOs are more mature.

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