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Graphisoft and it's marketing madness!


So Graphisoft posts this article on linkedin promoting BIMx


It states in the heading - Contractors working on Wolf Point East relied on BIMx


But the article actually reads....'Occasionally a BIMx model was supplied to the contractor for on-site use'


If I was the contractor who 'relied' on BIMx, as the title indicates, I'm not sure occasionally would have been good enough!


Graphisoft, you cannot use projects of this size to promote BIMx when it is not the app that is relied upon by the contractors. In this case I would suggest that Navisworks would have been the primary collaboration/review app given its ability to import multiple models and run clash detection etc. BIMx can't do this so don't try to promote that it can.

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Interesting observation. I would say that it highlights the need for GS to think over their strategy with BIMx. Yes - a viewer for AC is useful but it can't and should not try to compete with obviously superior applications. Instead it should focus on the strengths of AC and make that easily accessible. Examples of this is GOs, F&S, model compare, etc. For everything else - find a way to integrate with other applications. And if something is developed, the development must start in AC and not in the viewer. Having ambient occlusion and sun settings in the viewer and not the main application is strange. What is next - a viewer that is on par with most IFC viewers but a main application where visibility remain based on layers?

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