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Graphisoft doesn't care about NZ users, or the NZ market.


Graphisoft doesn't care about NZ users, or collaboration.
This is evident when looking at the products available in NZ, and the fees hikes over the last 5 years.

Context for incoming rant here: 

Currently In NZ, the only versions of ArchiCAD available have been the....
a) The full version.
b) Start edition.

Of which you can only buy as a full license or a expensive subscription (which was nearly half the cost 5 years ago).
Neither versions have any cross compatibility. Making it absolutely useless if you're a small firm (like me) who collaborates with larger firms on the regular.

"ArchiCAD solo" with ALL the compatibility is not, nor has ever been available in NZ.
It has been this way forever from what I've been told by the nice folk at Central Innovation. They point the blame on that to the people at the head office at Graphisoft.
Despite talking about collaboration on the website, if you are a small firm with a handful or even a single license (like myself) you have to pay out the ass for the full version. Either outright or through subscription at around $800.00 NZD per license a month.

In the good old days, you could buy a 200 hour license. Today no more.

What I would like to see (if Graphisoft have willing & open ears to hear it) is to...

1) Have the same products available in NZ as every where else.
2) With the option of a 200 hour license to allow some flexibility for the smaller outfits with an equally smaller workload. (Used to be available, now it's not)
3) Unlock compatibility between Start Edition and the full version. (unlikeliest but best option). 

If anyone has any critiques or advice on what to do (other than jump ship) then please feel free to let me know.

At this point, my opinion on Graphisoft (at least in NZ) is that it doesn't care, and that it is too big to give a toot about its users who aren't doing large commercial or government contracts.

Prove me wrong Graphisoft

Prove. Me. Wrong. 

Kind Regards
Anthony L
Disgruntled CAD Monkey & casual **beep** talker.




Some regions, excluding AUNZ of course, seem to offer a rental licences.

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NZ is great with its CI tool add ons and CI may be able to get you a Solo Licence in the future ? If you are happy with the limitations of Archicad Solo that is.


I understand the costs involved with a single license practice like me. I like the extras and rendering capabilities so I am not fussed about having the full version instead. Paying SSA is the best option if you can afford it or budget for it.

Yes for small practices that do mainly residential work it is a good market for Archicad Solo that CI could tap more into.




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