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Hotlink Modules - auto update new survey point




My first post here and one of many problems with AC or in other words, one of many missing options in AC.


I am using Masterplan file for putting toghere large complex building that is consisting of several buildings and several files in Bimcloud. I am using Hotlink and survey point(s). My question is, how to update linked files in mastefile for whom the survey point has changed? I found only option to delete hotlinked files and place them again. Is there any automation, command that would automatically move the object to a new, real survey point?


Thx for help.


As far as I know, using survey point doesn't do anything with the model i AC, it is not until you do an IFC-export the model moves according to the SP.


With that said, when you hotlink several pln-files, and each of them have their own SP,  the SP of the host file becomes the dominant SP in the model.


When you want to update an altered hotlink file, you  use Hotlink Module Manager. But the buttons stays gray until it detect a new save, and the new save is different from the prior.





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I don't think you understand it right.


Masterplan has hotlinked objects, where each object has its own survey point (as for example shown in the figure below). For example, if object C (KO-TP-C) has its global coordinate changed, which is defined in a separate pln file as a defined survey point (in line with the practice of using AC), the hotlinked object will remain in the same position as it was before the coordinate change, even though the hotlink is updated. The only solution I have found is to delete the hotlink and reload it, at which point the object will move to the new, changed global point.


So my question is, is there any command or way to make hotlinked objects automatically move themselves to the new coordinate point without having to manually move them or delete and reload them, when they are updated?


Posnetek zaslona 2023-10-26 121421.png

As Kamelite mentioned, I think you will find the SP in the hotlink is ignored, as it would be of no use to position the hotlink.

What would happen if you are linking in 3 of the same hotlink rooms/buildings but in different positions?

You wouldn't be able to because the SP would determine their location.

The SP will show, but I don't think it would be used.

I wouldn't even put one in the hotlink file, just in the master file.


You can simply select a hotlink and move it, no need to delete and replace.



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