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Possibility to revert all IFC properties to original values?


Hi all,


I am having a issue with IFC properties in my project. I am creating a IFC file of a building in order to export it with all BIM parameters associated with it. I am controlling all of the mapping IFC properties within the IFC Translator. All of the IFC properties are linked to certain classifications or parameters created in the archicad file, so basically it is a automated process.

Everyting works fine except the fact that some of these composite “IFC properties” are not automatically updated in certain elements (we don't know why).  When we open the “IFC Project Manager” we found certain elements in which the description is not updated to actual values, next to them we have a red arrow (“revert to original value”) , when we click on it refreshes and the value/description becomes correct. Most of the elements are correct and doesn't have this arrow, it happens only on some elements.  We have a plenty of elements and it could consume a lot of time in order to find these "falulty" elements  and revert the value one by one. Is there any way to “refresh/revert” to original values all of the properties with a single button? In this way we can be sure that all the values are up to date. We see on the lower left corner a red arrow but for some reason it is greyed out.

I send you a screenshot in order to explain my problem.

Thank you in  advance.


info 1.jpg




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