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Replace surfaces

I don’t know if there is an easy solution to this issue. I have a template that was generated in an English version. I use the Spanish version. I have lot of surfaces missing. I want to update it to the Spanish surface catalog. How should I do that? I would like to replace an English surface by the Spanish surface. I haven’t found the way to do that. My only though is to go, one by one, from one building material to another, and change the surface. But this is horrible. If I could do, for explore, “surface X” becomes “superficie X”, all the building material that use this surface would be updates.

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AC24, Windows 10
Erwin Edel
Depending on how close the two project templates resemble eachother, you should be able to replace by index number from one to the other.

If that fails, best bet is to:
1. purge all unused attributes
2. duplicate the existing english attributes to a new attribute with a very high index number
3. delete and replace each original english attribute with the new english duplicate attribute
4. you should now have a project where you can use attribute manager to add all the spanish attributes without overwriting any existing attributes
5. delete and replace the high index english attributes with the preferred spanish attribute

Depending on how many things are used, this shouldn't take too long.

Just mind that there are some more things like renovation filters, graphic overrides etc that will be english, so in the end you might also want to merge the 'Spanish'-fied 3D model into a proper Spanish new empty project.

Good luck!
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Thank you very much Erwin!

I can’t replace by index, because I have different indexation. I paid for a template, to be able to start working, and the person who prepared it, told me that is was better to have index numbers different from the AC template. This is quite confusing for me, right now. But, what I’m doing is adding by name (after copying the name from my template to the reference template):

This is quicker than I thought, but it seems to me that it could improve.
ArchiCAD user since November 2109
AC24, Windows 10