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Schedule Wall Transparency as Percentage

I'm trying to schedule wall transparency as a percentage.
I have doors, windows, and openings and want to divide the sum of those by the gross wall area.
I created a Transparency property that works, however, I can't get the schedule to display correctly as it separates each wall composite type into a different line item.
I need to show the transparency percentage for each exterior wall orientation for each level.
If possible, I would also like to show the combined overall transparency percentage for each orientation.
For example:
The South elevation has two wall composites on the first floor and three composites on the second floor.
I want to combine each floor level into one line item with a combined transparency % for each.
Attached are the Transparency property and schedule that I'm using along with a screenshot of the schedule.

Transparency %.png
Archicad 27 - Apple Silicon
MacBook Pro 16-inch M1 Max