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Teamwork Issue - Property in label is missing (shown as "#") after changes in property-manager

Daniel Pataki

We encountered in TW a weird issue, that some (not all!) of the labels generated from the same property are missing - showed as "'#". We have seen this issue some days after changing the property and placing some new labels. 

property is missing.PNG

What I could discover so far, that the missing label shows a different property-id as text-content. If you change a property and you place a new one, it gets a new id. what is even weirder: if you update your hotlink with the new property, it also gets a new id, but not the same one!


Here are my tests:

original: <PROPERTY-6E72B210-0879-4ABB-F63B-15AED6AD6531>

placing new label after changes: <PROPERTY-A8D92FE3-E179-4DD2-83A5-44ED347BC4A3>

placing the new label after changes and updating the hotlink: <PROPERTY-305449D8-BC63-0CA1-A34C-E0F8B2BF8795>


We are also working with modules with iceberg-method, and i think the problem could be also related to hotlink-updating (but of course the hotlinks are generally updated).

I unfortunately couldnt reproduce the problem, so i dont know the exact reason, but i think, it can only happen with some unlucky order of sending-receiving informations in teamwork. But It should be resolved in some way, as it is super frustrating for the whole team to repair all over again these false labels...


Maybe could it help, if the one who is changing a property, should immediately update the hotlinks and send the information (maybe without receiving?) ?


I am also asking generally, why the properties dont have visible IDs like any attributes??


best regards,


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