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Zone categories: erase and replace


Hello everyone!

I'm currently taking on a recently restarted project that has an insane amount of zone categories (see attached for an illustration of what I mean). In total: 85.


I try to not be a purist when it comes to how project teams draw -- they're smart and creative and find solutions to meet the project needs. However, in this instance, because zone categories are mutually exclusive, it's not working out. For example: say you have a zone category "Bedroom" and another "Net area". Then a bedroom zone that is in one of these categories cannot be in the other, even though it should be in both.


Now, the workflow around zone categories aside (I'd like to create another topic on that interesting discussion), my immediate question is: when I delete and replace zone categories with another, do we agree that the only other things it will affect are:
- the zone marker type (but they are all the same one)

- the zone category color.


There isn't any other data linked to a zone category, right? If I delete and replace these attributes within a file, the zones aren't going to go haywire in their zone marker placement, or some other unexpected behaviour?


Thanks for your input.


Project setup:
Archicad 25, going to be converted to Archicad 27 in January.


Capture d'écran 2023-12-06 095822.png

Ricardo Heim

Hello Alex!

For wich use you need the category "net area" ? Maybe you can replace that with a property, because the zone categorys are used for energy calculation, structural weight etc, by their use, so having a category just to calculate the total area doesn't seem the best thing to do.

Hello Ricardo,


I'm not so much looking at what to replace strategically, as just confirming that deleteing and replacing zone categories won't accidentally screw something up in the project that I haven't thought of.


For the strategic question of what belongs in the zone categories and what belongs in classifications or properties, that's another discussion! I'd be happy to open it in another topic, as this is just a technical request here.


Thanks for your response!



As long they indeed have the same zone marker, you should be fine.

If not, it will go terribly wrong, but I just tested in AC 27, that there – if it is indeed the same marker – all marker settings and properties are coming along. Even the placement will be the same.

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Hi runxel,

Thanks for testing it out!

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