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ECO Designer problems!

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I am trying to use ECO designer for the first time, but when I try to scroll the activities list on the first page of ECO designer a yellow triangle with expression mark appears and it says MISSING.

I have looked into the XML files in the Addon folder and they appear to be in order.

I did however install AC in a non default folder due to prior installation issues. But I have no problem loading either weather data or installation lists. Could this cause the problem?

Grateful for all help I could possibly get!

Karl Ottenstein
It is possible that your non-standard installation location is the problem - perhaps all of the ED data was not installed because of that, or ED cannot find it.

Look inside your ArchiCAD program folder > Add-Ons > EcoDesigner. You should see the attached. The usage info and more is stored in one of the localized folders. If they are all there, and each folder has 6 XML files in it, then EcoDesigner may have an issue with finding those folders if AC has not been installed in the standard location.

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Thank you for the reply!

I found the problem, I was trying to use the INT ED with SWE AC... Although I do not understand how that could have been the problem or not it solved it self once I found the SWE ED version.

I do have one other problem though. I am currently in Sarajevo, BiH for my internship and I am trying to find the correct settings of the weather data.

Just by GPS coordinates I don´t get the right results. It seem that the mid temprature given from the server is way higher than the actual mid temprature here. The city it self is at 500+ meter above sea level. Which may confuse the weather data.

Is there a way to hack your own XML file to better suit local conditions?

Thanks for all the help!


An eco concerned architect student

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