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Hi all,  Just dipping our toes into Eco designer and running through the workflow videos.  Between the calibration model and the next video, it seems to have missed out how to set up the baseline model.  Am I correct I just set this up in a different file?  Also, can anyone direct me to the place I can find the correct coefficents  etc.  The previous video points towrds Ashrae, but I think that is to demonstarte how good Ecodesigner is?  Do BREEAM have this info for the UK.  Any help or advice would be great! I think it would be good if Graphisoft actually had some on line training modules for this.



@catherinehunt Support is thin on the ground for ED. ☹️


@Balint Kezer As Product Manager I thought you might like to respond if you missed this!!

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They should definitely do some training modules in the Graphisoft learning site. 

Balint Kezer

Hi catherinehunt,

The appearance of the Baseline Building is the same as the Designed Building, but certain architectural solutions (the structures, details, openings and the solar shading) are far inferior compared to the improved design model. The goal here is to compare these two solutions and calculate the energy savings.
To create the reference file, the project archive, with baseline parameters, must be opened in a separate instance of Archicad. The only requirement here is to be the same building as the one you are comparing it to, if you can set it up in a different file, it could also work.

What coefficients are you interested in? The Heat Transfer Coefficients (U-values)?

Balint Kezer
Senior Product Manager

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