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EcoDesigner STAR

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Hi, I am exploring using EcoDesigner Star for Section J - JV3 assessment and compliance in Australia (WA)
I wish to hear from other users if possible - Is it worthwhile? Is it compliant? I see from the documentation that it claims to be ASHRAE Standard 140-2001 compliant but I read elsewhere in this forum it is not. The idea of being able to draw and assess in the same software is very attractive but does it work?
So what is the skinny with this product?
Easy to use?
Cost effective?
Compliant for Section J referece building in Australia?
Is there training available in Australia?

Cheers Jo
I made some enquiries on Eco Designer Star a few months back. There doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm behind it and to a degree the basics are now built into AC with the ability to export to 3rd party assessment software. Not much help I'm afraid but I'm also interested in any feedback from existing users...
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The alternatives for me seem to be using sketch up and design builder at what looks to be a cost of thousands by the time I do training and buy software.
Having the last of the problems of EcoDesigner star ironed out would be a very efficient solution and I believe provide much more accurate assessments.
Any users out there that would use this software if it were upgraded to Australian regs?
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I'm also interested in hearing from anyone using EcoDesigner Star in Australia! I'd like to know about training
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