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EcoDesigner Star - $$$$

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With the announcement of the Beta Trial releases of ECODesigner Star today I am reposting the following post as a new topic so that it will have a chance to be read by the powers to be at Graphisoft and follow peers to voice their 2 cents with either approval or disapproval with mine.

Quote: (taken from the topic -Archicad 16 and PHPP?)

- €/$: how much is it going to cost? (EcoDesigner Star)

No final decision regarding the price, yet.

After watching the webinar on Eco Designer Star (ED*) this week that once again I am going to have to reach deep into my pockets and shell out more $$$.

I for one felt cheated/disappointed when Graphisoft (GS) incorporated ED into ArchiCAD 16 as I had paid the extra $$$ for this add-on that now everybody gets for free. I get annoyed when this happens its kind of like you need two things so you buying two things but a period of time later its a case of buy one thing and get one free.

Therefore for what its worth; those of us that purchased the original Eco Designer Add-on should received Eco Designer Star free or at least heavily discounted price for compensation for the initial $$$ (lets face it... these add-ons aren't cheap and why should GS have two bites of the cherry from us).
Miklos Sved
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi Brendon,

Allow me to apologize on behalf of GS for not being clear regarding EcoDesigner* pricing for people who purchased the first generation EcoDesigner add-on. There are two points that I'd like to make regarding the topic:
-) the EcoDesigner add on was a tool for energy evaluation and design optimization, for the early design phase. Let's say it took GS X amount of effort to produce it. EcoDesigner* is a high end energy analysis tool capable of compliance documentation. It took us 7X amount of effort to produce it. In other words: one is a walkman, the other is a high end hi-fi device. The two can never cost the same, therefore your claim of GS charging twice for the "same thing" does not do us justice.
-) EcoDesigner* will be offered to users who purchased the first generation EcoDesigner add-on at a discount price

Thanks for being a "core" EcoDesigner user! The satisfaction of early adopters is key for us, therefore I hope that you'll find the EcoDesigner* product useful for your work. Try the EcoDesigner* Public Beta free of charge to test the new functionality! Also, please take a look at other ASHRAE certified building energy simulation software solutions to see how much they cost - I can assure you that the price of EcoDesigner* will be lower.

Best Regards,

Miklos Sved
Product Manager
GS Sustainable Solutions
Miklos Sved
Graphisoft Product Manager
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