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Embodied carbon content analysis

Does anyone know whether there are any plugins or workflows which allows for embodied carbon content analysis? I'm looking for something like Tally which incorporates EC3 information.
Thanks for any help.
Hello arg617,

You are able to quantify all your materials of your model.
These materials include properties. One of them is called "embodied carbon".
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Thanks Christophe. This is helpful, but still requires much manual input from the design team. What seems to be catching steam really quickly is harvesting data from the models and then using EC3 and/or Tally to do the analysis.
These tools are also helpful when designing since they give you immediate feedback on carbon content of materials. This is great when spec'ing materials as it makes it easier to compare building materials based on a number of factors.
It seems this topic came up on the form some time ago (
It would be great if these tools also worked for those of us using Archicad.
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